Yoga, as techniques of controlling the body and the mind

Adi Yog Shala offers 100, 200, 300 & 500 Hour sessions of Hatha and Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India, Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. We strive towards imparting the powerful knowledge of Yoga with the World and are eager to bequeath the treasure trove of Yogic know-how to you. Have a glance at our site to know further about Yoga School Rishikesh, the courses we offer, the syllabi of our teacher trainings, and what it means to complete your teacher training course amidst the majestic Shivalik mountain ranges. Follow your desire to deepen your knowledge of yoga's teachings in a holistic spiritual environment with other like-minded individuals. This is a yoga teacher training retreat at its best!

What is Adi Yog Shala

Yoga enhances your life.

Adi is usually associated with Lord Shiva, a solar deity in the vedas. Adi Yog Shala is a lively, vibrant and a beautifully located ashram that differentiates itself by offering not only yoga practices but also by providing the correct understanding of traditional Yoga and meaning of the whole yogic science. Our school’s mission is to promote world peace through spreading the light of love, kindness and the commitment to spiritual development. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with others and ourselves. We believe that no matter which country we come from or call home, we are all one.We believe in the saying of "Vasudev Kutumbakam."

Through the yoga teacher training courses students will gain a full mystical comprehension of yoga to incorporate into their practice and daily lives. Our objective is to make a unique, spiritual and mind-body experience by drawing from our expertise in philosophy and yoga. There are many yoga schools, hundreds of teachers and hundreds of swamis to learn from in Rishikesh. There are countless options available for knowledge seekers ,but we distinguish ourselves from other yoga schools in India and all over the world by offering traditional style with a contemporary, modern twist.